As a kid, Stan Frazier always knew he wanted to do one of two things when he grew up: be a drummer in a rock band or go to culinary school and become a chef. For the past twenty-five years, Frazier has been the drummer and principal songwriter for the band SUGAR RAY. After racking up six Top 10 hits and selling over 10 million records, he decided it was time to trade in his drumsticks for a set of new Japanese knives and chase his culinary dreams. Recently, he did just that.

In April of 2012, Frazier was cast on a food-­‐based reality TV show called CHEF RACE: UK vs. U.S. that followed 16 chefs (all classically trained but himself) from Santa Monica, CA to New York City, competing in entrepreneurial and culinary elimination challenges in an attempt to win a cash prize. “I’ve subscribed to every food magazine out there for 15 years, I have over 300 cookbooks, and the only channel I watch is The Food Network. I better have picked up a few things about cooking,” he says. “Sometimes in life, it’s not all about your training. What counts is your passion.” 

The drummer-­‐turned-­‐chef has long been preparing for his jump into the culinary world, whether he was aware of it or not. As a teen and struggling musician, Frazier worked every job in the restaurant realm from busboy to fry cook to valet. With the success of his band came international travel. “When I was touring in Europe with SUGAR RAY, I discovered what amazing food was.

” Smuggling foreign delicacies home in his suitcase was typical. It was then that he realized he had an insatiable desire to be around and create incredible food. Frazier is the co-­‐owner of A Restaurant in Newport Beach, CA , and can be found in the kitchen there honing his skills or tweaking the menu. He is an avid cook among bands, friends and neighbors and is known to make everything from fresh pastas to whole suckling pigs.

His future plans after the show airs in the Fall of 2012 include a cookbook, a cooking show or two, personal appearances and a line of cookware. Stay tuned and stay hungry!